A  Unitary Decentralized Private Way of Life

The whole game of progress is not get stung in the same way twice.

A  Unitary Decentralized Private Way of Life


Humans are people with an adaptable state of awareness that experiences perception ideas and emotional affections align with the wealth creation process and natural laws. Creation is a dynamic interplay of opposites, what is your way of life, consumer or producer, decentralization or centralization? How do you operate on speculative or operative knowledge. Who are you a Humanaire or Billionaire ? Humanaire is where authentic intelligence meets artificial intelligence as stakeholders. But first you will need to be deprogrammed, deconditioned and debriefed from dependency to convert oneself to a sovereign mindset. In order to facilitate this process of collective individuation, one must be open to parts of oneself that have been ignored or denied.

“Central banks cannot defend monetary production as satisfying human wants, if that production creates the want, then the credits, but not the wage or income” to sustain human well being. 

History has shown that great commercial empire falls from an economic inequality and fractured internal character of the Self. The continue decline of these human development traits could lead to the intentional collapse of the central bank borrowing mechanism called the dollar reserve system which gives the country its ability to borrow or create money and fund wars from bond purchases. The US middle class is being pounded by inflation created by the over production of capital seeking rentier yield, who are not paying a living wage or reinvesting in US development. After the Fed funded $9.1 trillion to save billionaire owned zombie companies during pandemic in a 70% GDP middle class consumer economy. A China trade dependent QE flexible EU waits for global contraction of the debt based global economy locked in an Ukraine vortex as oil price hold $100 plus a barrel. The question becomes are developed western economies with large wealth gaps, sovereign debt obligations, diminishing human values, psychologically and economically fragmented, solid sustainable investments. Forbes’ billionaires list gives a real-time, daily update of the top ten richest men who generate 75% percent of their income from rentier lifestyle (yes, all men) have a total net worth of $997,000,000,000 incomprehensible devaluation to most taxpayers who are responsible for the billionaires net credit distribution. As Thomas Jefferson predict and according to the WEF(World Economic Forum)

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Behavioral economics draws on psychology and economics to explore why would central banks make irrational distribution  decisions, and how their behavior does follow the predictions of the billionaire quasi-religion. According to science daily the human nature has an innate genetic code to worship and serve something, it all boil down to what it is that they bow t0(abracadabra the replacement god). Despite claiming to distance itself from religion and to abstain from imposing an answer to the question of the purpose of life,  speculative culture’ is informed by a quasi-religious conviction about life having a definite meaning, although it may not announce it as explicitly as religions do. In contrast to “billionaire rentier religion” which is a controlled by godless secular modernity’ which sees the purpose of life as being geared to material ‘success’” limitless acquisition, consumption and relentless titillation of the ego, driven by boundless avarice, ambition, competition, moral debauchery and social fragmentation. This is the subtle message that the two major propaganda arms of ‘billionaire controlled rentier religion’” the educational and the mass media systems “they constantly send out subconscious messages to exploit the victims with speculative knowledge. 

 The richer and more powerful you are, the closer to fulfilling what ‘modernity’ regards as the fundamental purpose of life. In behavioral psychology this emerges from duality and forms a neurosis called the split view of existence and is the driving force of the irrational wealth gap. This is an innate and natural process of human growth of the split view(ego) cultural psychology and “the modern archetype of envious capture”.  In the land of Blind the One Eyed Man is King.

The increase in inequality driven by the imbalance between capital and labor is likely to lead to a rentier dysfunctional society where humans own nothing, live without privacy and are subservient to robots and automation. Behavioral economics reflects on a nomadic balance portfolio view in the light of the slight of hand causing inequality of distribution to the detriment of the middle class and the neurotic social engineering eroding the psychological well being of democracy. Highlighting the use of scarcity to divide social groups against each other without any thought of a wealth tax or redistribution from the one party billionaire centralized controlled political filibuster system, a one party captured political system theatrically appearing as two. Humanaire’s are minimalist and accept the principles of natural law therefore prefer to face the principle of nature while central bank billionaires are at war against “nature” in the US and the world ending the free market system.From an economic behavioral psychological approach, the only way to get better at any survival game is play against a better opponent.

However, because of our secular, materialistic, and narcissistic culture, we have become disconnected from humanity and spirituality. Our focus on scientific and rational thinking further makes us ignore the creative and spiritual aspects of the  (Self). As a result, we become programmed, unbalanced and stunned in our psychological growth. Since neurosis and depression result from a disharmony between consciousness and unconsciousness, healing and wholeness must come from restoring harmony within oneself and with the external world.

The splitting in psychology is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together the dichotomy of both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. It is a common defense mechanism. The individual tends to think in extremes (i.e., an individual’s actions and motivations are all good or all bad with no middle ground).The split view of existence is common among billionaire’s, they often lives off soulless pretension, a media show of emptiness, a dehumanized value system hidden by a inferior perception of the people who idolize them. Few people realized that bastardized criminal male and the feminist model is a billionaire media creation. All built by shadow esteem presented by the PR media to hides the clever dependency on media and central bank exploitation. In particular, one reason to be skeptical involves a constellation of interlinked personality traits Machiavellian, psychopathic and narcissism  that psychologists call the “Dark Triad in Psychology Today.” The originators of the term summarized it this way: “To varying degrees, all three entail a socially malevolent character with behavior tendencies toward self-promotion, emotional coldness, duplicity, aggressiveness and economic abandonment.” 

First, not everyone who’s exceedingly wealthy displays this disturbing trio of psychological traits, or routinely engages in the antisocial behaviors associated with them. Second, there’s obviously no requirement that you have to be rich in order to be an obnoxious narcissist who lacks compassion destroys nature, involved in personal data theft, fail to invest in R&D, education, disbelieve in the country, practices eugenics and exploits any possible development of the middle class. But these caveats don’t alter the fundamental reality: there are members of the one-percent who do act upon their Dark Triad inclinations and impulses. That’s a serious problem because their extraordinary wealth gives them tremendous influence over our laws, our politics, and our public square and they’re eager and able to use their power and resources to pursue a self-serving agenda at the expense of the common good. Nevertheless wealth does not relieve the human from suffering. 

But to a certain extent the billionaire’s are in a vulnerable state of instability evolving through suffering and is searching to be relieve from a form of centralized regulated control, a speculative dependency to discover the meaning of life and the a shared value for knowledge and wholistic purpose for human existence. Each one of us has to invent or discover our own life’s purpose. Whatever your purpose is it must serve other humans to have value. Humility is the vehicle to knowledge and knowledge is the vehicle to wealth and without human values there is neither. If one’s future in the life after death had nothing whatever to do with one’s wealth and education, but, instead, everything to do with the quality of one’s ethical and spiritual well being, some people would feel duped or robe of  real knowledge, time, by the ‘ billionaire modern’ education system and the divisive racial-gender exploitive TV programming they were hooked on, they may realize that they got it all horrendously wrong? But, whatever the case, it is definitely an issue that ought to be openly discussed in families, and schools. 

From a competitive consumption and behavioral economics perspective, inequality and wealth creation has been confused into a neurosis of centralized artificial scarcity around the purpose of life creating a game of control where deeds, values, time and the human soul is being consumed by its own excessive hoarding consumption. Humanaires realize that life is a dynamic interplay between opposites the external and internal or the subjective and objective reality in a changing world order. 

Carl Jung famous psychologist says ” a psycho-neurosis must be understood as the suffering of a human being who has not discovered what life means for him. The patient is looking for something that will take possession of him and give meaning and form to the confusion of his neurotic mind”. Like Frankl, Jung (1964) also recognized the value of meaning in suffering: “Man can stand the most incredible hardships when he is convinced that suffering make sense”.

But should Humanaires really be trying to emulate or trust the investment advice of the billionaire or hedge fund one-percent? Perhaps not. Psychological research suggests that the super-rich, as a group, aren’t necessarily the role models we collectively need if our goal is to advance the common good and build a more decent society. It is through humans who created the middle class that brought about the the golden age of  50s 60s,70’s,yet inflation of consumer goods grew modestly, except hospitalization and child care each up over 200%. These are industries which hold lowest rankings on research and development seeking the highest prices on margins challenging the stability of households. Since 40 million American households were forced into financial markets by Federal Reserve at near zero rates during the pandemic, into a market which is 89% percent controlled by hedge funds or billionaires, most were told daily not to time the market, nevertheless the US Federal Reserve monetary policy had just organized the largest pump and dump scam by insiders known to man, insiders sold $170 billion shares equaling nine times 2019 amount. One of the first rules of any con game is to place the victim (retail investor) inside an environment that you control, who controls the central bank, financial markets, educational, and media system ?(ie..Gamestop theory checkmate or collective effort by insiders to destroy Cathy Woods of the Ark fund)

Life is dynamic interplay of opposites all the cycles and pattern are recognizable it is not so important what you do at the very beginning or at the very of end of your life, what you need to remember every moment of your existence, and that  there is only One reality, Creator or Archetype. In behavioral economics’ there exist a temporary state of duality created from the split view of existence(psychology).

Carl Jung  psychologist adopted a dualistic framework of positive psychology. Jung  recognized that duality is the fact of human nature: “Every good quality has its bad side, and nothing  good can come into the world without directly producing a corresponding evil. This is a painful fact”  One example of this duality is that we cannot achieve wholeness without integrating the dark side of the self.

“The archetype of the Self represents the center of the psyche and is commonly expressed by the symbol of a Mandela. The Self signifies wholeness, the product of integrating the consciousness and unconscious aspects of the psyche through individuation. One cannot self actualize without getting in touch with the shadow, the archetype of the dark or rejected parts of the self”.

The purpose of inner life and well being is an intimate, personal, and a private domain. It involves a wholistic decentralized and unitary view of existence, with a balance of body, mind, and spirit with the experience of being alive in the digital age. Humanaire crypto is an internally intergraded currency of wealth creation for those who understand that the most important information is self integrated, its value is self possession through knowledge, it is  selectively distributed through decentralized subconscious production. Humanaires over stand the speculative magic and the mythologies of dehumanization but they rely on decoded empirical operative knowledge. Since gold, silver, devalued property, NFTs, crypto and commodity resources is the only real money then macro capital flow and knowledge is the only real wealth.

It is the currency of the self perception that is real, it is only real, if it is real for you. Since only the self creates value for the central bank dollar. Only the self gives value to the media that creates the billionaire religion, net credit worth and only the self gives value to the central bank inequality. Wealth becomes real through magic or wealth creation when you buy into the centralized perception which billionaire PR media control. So without you it would be nothing for them at all. It is through you that the billionaire reality exist. It all magic which is created by your desire and idolatress perception to be a billionaire. Real value is authentically decentralized and intrinsically human.

Humanaires acknowledge that self made billionaires is a myth and that philanthropy should be democratized. Billionaires cannot create prosperity without standing on the shoulders of generations before them, and therefore, our own contributions to our success are limited and built on collective conscious from others. It immediately becomes clear that most fortunes are not possible without relying on technology and institutions created by others and often paid for by taxpayers. You could consider this as a collective legacy, and then ask yourself how the fruits of that legacy are to be distributed by central banks”?

However, because of our secular, idolatress, materialistic, and narcissistic culture, we have become disconnected with humanity and void of spirituality. Our focus on scientific and rational thinking further makes us ignore the creative and spiritual aspects of the Self. As a result, we become unbalanced and stunned in our psychological and material growth. Since neurosis and depression result from a disharmony between consciousness and unconsciousness, healing and wholeness must come from restoring harmony within oneself and with the external world.

The Humanaire wealth creation portfolio involves a macro holistic investment approach in a diversity of asset classes with a balance countering the threat of excessive global monetary imbalances with a declining money velocity. However, well being is a cognitive collective conscious that is never self-centered or self-serving, the purpose of life is service to humans which returns growth and well being to self. Humanaire behavioral economic portfolio strategies supports capital flow investments and the empirical principles of wealth creation and universal laws in a changing world order. The purpose of inner well being is to create the necessary external behavioral conditions to thrive in the world around you in spite of a sophisticated centralized duplicitous opponent. 

“The greatest opponent is hidden in a place where that you would never look, which is what makes the challenge to wealth decentralization and inequality so great”.
B. M. Musa

Although the survival threats caused by the pandemic technological social deconstruction has lessen, people continue to have a need to affiliate with others. Indeed, the lack of such connections can lead to many problems, including lost social well being, declining values for knowledge(education), more safety issues, diminishing consumer investment opportunities, political filibusters, stagflation, deflation and loneliness. In our advanced digital age, one of the prevalent concerns regarding the increasing emergence of  ” inequality and scarcity loneliness” is how we have become less caring towards others. At one time, our very survival depended on trusting and supportive relationships rooted in minimalism and collective individualism. The Humanaire is a unitary way of seeing, acting, thinking, and understanding.

Fundamentally a collective conscious unitary view is essential, for self, family, community, and humanity, it doesn’t matter how technologically sophisticated we become; both privacy and emotional connectivity remains a core part of being human. We need each other in spite of ego,  race, religion, sex or wealth status maybe not in the ways that characterized us evolutionarily, but for a need that remains essential for human dignity, free will, psychological survival and spiritual reconstruction. Humanaires utilize the blockchain decentralization model to achieved collective indiviualism, wealth creation via authentic distribution, the mathematically model maybe more complex, since all the actors (nodes of the blockchain) interact with each other in a collective conscious authentic, private manner utilizing duality when necessary. Freedom of information is produced in the authentic human subconscious system, alternately by different nodes, validated in a distributed equilibrium manner, recorded in the ledger and the self. 

The Humanaire is a cognitive collective awareness which involves meaning, intention and purpose in life aligned with data privacy, wealth creation, behavioral economics, democratized philanthropy and authentic well being. The current wealth creation process involves a macro investment approach from a diversity of asset classes with a balance equilibrium portfolio countering the threat of excessive global monetary imbalance from hyper asset inflation in a contracting middle class. Humanaire’s are decentralized capital flow investors and support privacy rights align with macro investing trends, with commodity concentrations of capital flow in the current shifting world order.

This counter balancing ecosystem challenges the unregulated privacy consent manipulation in data trust which advances artificial intelligence, while automation and monetary policies increases poverty, displacing labor production while advancing human capital debasement. Monopolized payment data gaps catalyzes the formation of data monopolies which expands inequality and human privacy surveillance.” An internet insider firm that obtain advantage gaps in information early can sets prices aggressively to expand its share of consumer data, imperil democracy and monopolizes stolen data wealth. The objective is to enhance what makes us human while capturing a stakeholders relationship to capital and data wealth production in the 3.0  Web digital age of automation. The Humanaire is a “Unitary Decentralized Private Way of Life”. The Knower, the Known and the Knowledge is One.