Encrypted Duality and Data Trust

Encrypted Duality and Data Trust

Humans are people with an adaptable state of awareness that experiences perception ideas and emotional affections align with the wealth creation process and natural laws. Behavioral economics draws on psychology to explore rational decision making without following models since human behavior dose not follow predictions because humans are emotional and easily distracted and they make decision that can arrest their goals for wealth creation. It is a virtual war with human nature to direct change for an encryption unitary way of life. But the new is easier to accept as a new creation, or a new idea or a new innovation than a change in human(self) direction regarding a value proposition for trust, wealth creation for the sake of well being. Marc Benioff, co-CEO and co-founder at Salesforce, has often stated that trust is one of the primary components of a healthy brand-customer relationship. He went on to say when companies misuse customer’s data, they are breaking that trust and that could involve losing key personnel or customers. “When you see top executives walking out. When you see customers questioning your privacy practices or how you’re using or misusing their data or how you’re misusing partnerships, you need to listen. You need to wake up. You need to [ask] what is going on. It’s very serious,” he says. It is serious battle to understand the duality of the self as the billionaire leader and the father archetype. A battle of discrimination between the internal and the external, a battle between the collective conscious and the collective unconscious according to Carl Jung renown psychoanalyst.

Creation is a dynamic interplay of opposites, The self gives input and changes to input value to machine learning and to digital perception. The great interplay of human nature over all things is the adaptability of the collective conscious under the challenge of centralization and survival in the age of data currency, smart contracts and decentralized blockchain. The US middle class has no choice but to adapt to data wealth encryption countering the pounding from central bank inflation created by the over production of credit to wealthy seeking rent yield through inequitable distribution, billionaires are not paying a tax or living wage or reinvesting in US development. It was through the regulation or the collective conscious of unions that created the US middle class and it was through their deconstruction that the middle class has been being destroyed by deregulated fragmentation. The ownership rights to private data capture has created a valuable tradeable commodity human privacy as data to be sold and captured. Users are concern about their privacy versus risk benefit while online but most do nothing to protect their data at their future peril of human well being .

Humanaires are adaptable and they constantly add value through interchange which is the essence of human adaptability to subordinate machines, increase skill value and expand encrypted data wealth into a new form of code. Always remember human creativity comes from duality or the darks side of the unconscious soul. For example the billionaire self defeated capital centralization thru psycho neurosis, avarice, materialistic social fragmentation and deregulated political capture by corrupting centralized bank access which shifted the creative destruction onto the middle classes away from elite class. Data does have value in understanding, predicting and influencing individual behavior and decisions, but it is exactly this power that makes it valuable in advancing personal wealth creation. Data protection is key component of future proofing wealth creation for the Humanaire Web 4.O the collective conscious and a self decentralized way of life.

Machine learning is a set of algorithms, which builds complex mathematical models that abstract individual human thought processes to make sense of texts, sounds and images. Based on academic research started in the 1950’s, machine learning draws on the human brain as the inspiration for identifying complex patterns. Although each technology companies are different, what they have in common is data wealth.

The World Bank’s estimate, the average inhabitant of the United States has access to $418,000 in intangible wealth, while the same figure for the average inhabitant of Mexico is only $34,000.12 In the study, the authors concluded that the bulk of most wealthy countries’ wealth is now intellectual intangible. The World Bank attributes much of this intangible wealth to a more efficient judicial system, established property rights, and less corrupt governments but in practice the vast majority of a country’s intangible assets are in the form of vast data wealth.

One reason to think data wealth will be even more valuable in the future is machine learning. his has turned into very big business. At the time of writing, Uber, a private company, has a market valuation of $150 billion dollars. Facebook is valued at $550 billion, Alibaba $379 billion, and privately held Airbnb $185 billion dollars. These are not the only data-centric companies that are this valuable. LinkedIn is valued at $124 billion, Netflix at $102 billion, Baidu at $48 billion, and Google at $1.8 trillion

Humanaires are encrypted strategic capital flow investors and the key strategy is to understand trends and to position your investments approach along the stream of centralized capital and data flow(interplay). Again, wealth cannot secure knowledge but knowledge can secure wealth. If we considered our own decision making process whether it be analytical, directive, conceptual or behavioral we would find subjective emotional biases, deviations and exploitable mental gaps in the self. The subtle message of consumer convenience that the two major propaganda arms of ‘ tech modern’” educational system and the mass media” ceaselessly send out. The richer and more powerful you are, the closer to fulfilling what ‘ billionaire modernity’ regards as the fundamental purpose of life, even though the chance of becoming a billionaire 578,00 to 1, even though you might have a hopeless personal life, be dopamine addicted to games, strapped with unpayable debt, possess a terrible temper and lack any concern for those you consider ‘below’ you. If you are poor and powerless, your life, you are made to believe, life has been an utter failure, even if you are content with your lot and at peace with the external world.

Life is dynamic interplay of opposites all the cycles of excessive exploitation patterns of history and empirical knowledge is recognizable the key question to behavioral economic freedom and well being is :are you subjective or objective or are you speculative or operative, regulated or deregulated, are you unencrypted or encrypted in the dynamic flow in the digital age. A person’s smart phone should be encrypted from the duality of the self and the unauthorized third party data access so as to prevent its misuse from perpetuating the poverty of dopamine driven exploited consumer convenience in violation of privacy rights.

As this trend grows, there will be increasingly growing conflict between the value of data, individual privacy, consent and forming collective employee unions for well being. Google, Facebook Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile Alibaba and Tencent have monopolized and capture billions while mishandling customers data. Amazon has amassed a vast amount of sensitive personal information on its customers much of it not require to complete a transaction. Internal documents reveal how a former aide to Joe Biden helped the tech giant build a lobbying juggernaut that has gutted legislation in two dozen states seeking to give consumers more control over their data.

Humanaire’s realize that without self there would be no Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and there would be no billionaire, it is the self that gives the whole abracadabra reality to father archetype that is now showing the dark side of the self. It is the self that gives over its will to the billionaire religion PR media and exploitation of personal data to the modern replacement centralized god revealing the hidden dark side of the tech billionaire toward his exploited worshippers. Each tech billionaire unconscious personality has emerged from introvert personalities and now represent extrovert father archetypes seeking bastardize exploitation from the imbalance of entitlement.

In April 2021, a trove of personal data pertaining to over 530 million Facebook users was publicly posted in an online hacking forum. The leaked data appears to have been scraped from Facebook in 2019, when a group of hackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s contact importer. Back then, users could readily find people on Facebook by entering phone numbers into a contact importer. In violation of Facebook’s terms of service, hackers scraped users’ profile data by exploiting this tool. Most of the scraped data was tied to users’ phone numbers, and only 2.5 million email addresses were obtained, Facebook,Amazon, and Microsoft responded with duality as if they could care less about customers lost scrapped data. The tech world was founded by geek introverts which each of these leaders emerged from. In essence Facebook showed an extroverted hubris attitude is saying “I am not your daddy” and trust your own judgement.

” An introvert is seen as being quiet, reserved, or social, but their energy is derived from inner self. According to Cherry, K., & Gans, S. (n.d.). “Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation.” People who are introverted tend to be problem solvers, deep thinkers, inward turning, or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation

In addition, Jung’s major contributions to the field of personality psychology was his proposal to two life attitudes or approaches: extroversion and introversion. Since then, nearly all personality models now include these concepts. An extrovert is seen as an energetic person who is outgoing and oriented socially, and draws upon energy from others. Cherry, K. (n.d.) stated, “On the positive side, extroverts are often described as talkative, sociable, action-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, and out-going. On the negative side, they are sometimes described as attention-seeking, easily distracted, and unable to spend time alone.” Jung believed a balance between extroversion and introversion best served the goal of self-realization.

Wall Street Journal revealed a practice of apps sharing highly personal data with Facebook without user knowledge, whether the user had a Facebook account or not. In a follow-up article, the WSJ listed all 11 apps in its study (five of which stopped sharing data after being contacted by the publication). These included ovulation and heart-monitoring apps, the conscious self would apologize and then put in very little safe guards to protect data wealth or employee grievances, some executive employees would quit on principle.
Microsoft accidentally exposes 250 million customer service and support records online and blames poor configuration. The leaked data included conversations between Microsoft support agents and customers which were recorded from 2005 to December 2019. Essentially, Microsoft left the data unsecured. In other words, the company left the data open and accessible to anyone. Such ‘unsecured’ databases are surprisingly common. In simple terms, the databases aren’t easy to locate or search. However, as they are not protected by passwords and encryption, anyone can access them. From an economic psychological approach, the only way to get better at any survival game is play against a better opponent.

Trust is a fundamental building block of any healthy relationship, trust signifies an aspect of father relationship, whether that’s between individuals or companies and customers. If you can’t trust the company you are doing business with to do the right thing by you, it’s hard to continue the relationship. Too often, we have seen this trust broken when it comes to data sharing.

When the Father archetype aligns with the shadow, negative aspects emerge, which was shown all three cases Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook negative aspects emerge such as abusiveness, control and overconfidence and arrogance. (state of hubris). Here again, when those negative aspects are present on a figure of authority, a follower (or in this case, more accurately, a subordinate) may easily recognize their toxic effects. However, unconsciously, they still represent the figure of the Father, (on the dark side), and the follower may never question the validity of the authority. In other words, even if the follower perceives the traits as “negative”, they still re-enforce the divine privilege of the person of authority to be the leader, since the Dark father archetype is still an archetype and will continue to unconsciously influence the way the follower perceives reality. When they got the central bank pandemic “Fuq you money” the darkside guy appears totally different from the old introvert tech guy, he changes is image gets a new mate, seeks power thru lobbyist, buys real assets and takes more risk by concealing the dark side.

”Amazon initially issued a denial, saying in a tweet: “You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us.” But it subsequently walked back those comments. For Amazon its admission came a week after the Democrat criticized Amazon’s working conditions, saying in a tweet: “Paying workers $15/hr doesn’t make you a ‘progressive workplace’ when you union-bust & make workers urinate in water bottles.

Humanaire is where authentic intelligence meets artificial intelligence through the collective conscious of the dual self. Life is dynamic interplay of opposites all the cycles of excessive dehumanization is recognized. Humanaire’s do not piss in bottles at $15 dollars an hour, exploitation patterns of history and empirical knowledge are all recognizable. Amazon workers are required to meet demanding quotas, which are enforced by intrusive digital tracking and suffocating managerial oversight. Workers, unable to sustain the pace and strain, are fired or quit. But first you will need to be deprogrammed, deconditioned and debriefed from dependency to convert oneself to a sovereign mindset to achieve a living wage. Often its from the experience with dark side that one can discovery their purpose in life which is always tied to service towards others as fired Amazon employee organized the union.

Amazon warehouse workers at a facility in New York City have voted to form the first US union in the tech giant’s 27-year history, marking a stunning victory for a bootstrapped effort led by a fired employee. In a closely watched election, workers at a Staten Island, New York, facility known as JFK8 voted in favor of forming a union with a newly-established organization called Amazon Labor Union (ALU), which was started by current and former warehouse employees. There were 2,654 votes in favor of unionizing and 2,131 votes against it by the end of the second and final day of public vote counting on Friday. Out of approximately 8,325 eligible voters, 4,785 votes were counted and another 67 were challenged. Seventeen ballots were voided.

The unregulated monopolized payment data gaps catalyzes the formation of data monopolies which expands inequality and human capital debasement. If you talked of any higher purpose of life beyond the material ‘success’ social networking and followers, your friends would think you were mad or else ‘too religious or spiritual’, and, therefore, definitely ‘odd’ and avoidable.

If you dissented from the crowd and insisted that the purpose of life was not dopamine driven billionaire idolatry, mental depression and data wealth transferring, they would argue, simply ‘having a good time all the time as seen on Tik Tok’ or being addicted to Grand Theft Auto followed by car jacking excitement and a Call of Duty shooting, they would readily accuse you of being ‘too serious’ and morose about the purpose of life. Your teachers and parents might even think you needed psychiatric treatment if you started pondering ‘excessively’ about such ‘abstruse’ matters as what is the purpose for life other than consuming and producing with primary goal to shop your way to Amazon equality( poverty).

Tech billionaire wealth creation is not created by working hard but by monopolized centralized digital perpetuation of artificial creation, dopamine addiction, exploitation of middle class, financial engineering, tax avoidance, political capture(power) and the destruction of nature through technological advancement which is the modern way of life for the tech billionaire.

In a INC article title Why Rich People Won’t Be Addicted to Tech (but the Rest of Us Will) Apps are designed to be addictive- think of YouTube’s endless stream of recommendations, LinkedIn and Twitter’s notifications systems, Netflix’s uninterrupted streaming. But tech overuse causes unhappiness for kids and adults alike. Many experts within and outside of the tech world know of these dangers, and try to moderate the role of technology in their private lives. They avoid using the latest gadgets, limit their kids’ screen time, and send them to Waldorf schools. These schools favor hands-on learning and cultivating imagination, so children don’t get to use computers until their early teenage years.

Humanaires are decentralized and unpretentious private minimalist as many of the wealthy are discovering the value of privacy from those without spirituality or a purpose in life. The excessive exploitation of billionaire idolatry has led to increase in crime for those addicted to technology via dopamine and they are now at criminal conflict with the external world.

Understanding the affects of technology and the the central banks vast distribution of inequality the rich has decided to take a low technology profile to the first law of human nature, survival and privacy. Owning a Louis Vuitton handbag, a multimillion-dollar Bugatti, or a shiny Rolex has typically been a marker of elite status. But such flashiness is becoming less ubiquitous among the ultra-high-net-worth crowd after the pandemic economic deconstruction of the middle class by global central banks and the low wage billionaire cartel. They’re spending more than ever before on security and privacy, trading in hilltop houses for homes in neighborhoods hidden from Google and Amazon street view surveillance.(Business Insider article)

Each of these actions of the billionaire class sound like the regulatory orders of the Chinese government seeking to protect their emerging middle class children from dopamine exploitation as the US billionaire media and politicians called China un-investable. This private data capture of duality has created a valuable tradeable commodity human privacy as data to be sold and captured. Users are concern about their privacy versus risk benefit while online but most do nothing to protect their data at their future peril of human well being.

Encryption is a method of securing data as it travels from a sender to a receiver. With end-to-end encryption, a sent message’s contents are scrambled and can only be unscrambled when it reaches the desired destination. When you send a text through an encrypted messaging platform, your message will be converted to cipher text and modified so that no one can read it. This raises the question: How does the recipient read and understand the data that has been encrypted? Well, whenever an app encrypts data, it has to generate an encryption key as well. These keys are numerical values that only the recipient and the sender have access to. “Now this you can Trust” The whole game of progress is not to get stung ins the same way twice”.

Finally, confidential data is data that is highly sensitive and fairly personal, such as a person’s voting preferences. Confidential data is usually independent and inaccessible by the government (with some exceptions) and corporations with the individual exercising full ownership. Supreme Court Justices wrote on privacy 130 years ago there is no protection for American privacy rights leaving them totally exploitable by capture US politicians :

Right to “be let alone”: In their highly influential law review article, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis (1890) wrote about the legal right to privacy, or what Judge Thomas Cooley called the right “to be let alone” (1888).Warren and Brandeis wrote, “The principle which protects personal writings and any other productions of the intellect or of the emotions, is the right to privacy, and the law has no new principle to formulate when it extends this protection to the personal appearance, sayings, acts, and to personal relation, domestic or otherwise”.

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union. The GDPR is an important component of EU privacy laws and of human rights law,in particular Article 8(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR’s primary aim is to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business. Superseding the Data Protection Directive environment 95/46/EC, the regulation contains provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data of individuals (formally called data subjects in the GDPR) who are located in the EEA, and applies to any enterprise—regardless of its location and the data subjects’ citizenship or residence—that is processing the personal information of individuals inside the EEA.

The regulation became a model for many other laws across the world, including in Turkey, Mauritius, Chile, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Argentina, and Kenya, As of 2021 the United Kingdom, The California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA), adopted on 28 June 2018, has many similarities with the GDPR.
EU data protection authorities have handed out a total of $9.5 billion in fines to US technology companies with largest going to Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple since 2017 and $1.2 billion over breaches of the bloc’s GDPR law since Jan. 28, 2021, according to law firm DLA Piper.GDPR, which has been in force since 2018, aims to give consumers in Europe more control over their information. DLA Piper says a major “headache” for organizations going forward is legal uncertainty surrounding EU-U.S. data transfers.

For the Humanaire changing the encryption paradox boils down to the value proposition for the dual self and trust towards a decentralized balance way of life.
This private data capture has created a valuable tradeable commodity human privacy as data to be sold and captured. Users are concern about their privacy versus risk benefit while online but most do nothing to protect their data at their future peril of human well being.

Is your future sustainable at the current living wage or has no consent third party transfer devalued your data privacy asset in the age of the traceable digitule surveillance dollar, robotics, artificial intelligence and intangible data wealth capture and exploitable human devaluation ?

Humanaires realize that best attitude for the privacy paradox or the tech billionaire personality disorder is to seek a balance between extrovert and introvert would best served the goal of self-realization and human well being.