Humanaire   人文

The Humanaire is a disruptive encrypted self directed non profit activist platform which is driving economic empowerment and democratizing access to macro decentralized investing for our inclusive global subscribers. Our mission is to give humans the investment tools and knowledge to regain data privacy and disrupt global inequality for the sake of human well being. We provide a holistic encrypted social ecosystem which helps to empower the collective conscious subscribers with a cognitive approach to regain their privacy and grow their wealth while navigating global financial markets with an objective balance purpose in life. Humanaires take an objective view of the billionaire control social engineering system they deeply believe that becoming rich and famous is not the primary purpose for life. Humans accept that life is a dynamic interplay of opposites. If the purpose of life is to maximize material wealth and consumption, the rape of the earth is only to be expected and it is little wonder that we are today faced with mental illness and global ecological disaster. Humanaire’s choose to live a private encrypted decentralized unitary way of life. If you carefully analyze the ‘modern billionaire’ educational system and mass media one can clearly see that human exploitation is the notion for the purpose of life they are essentially promoting. They are the missionaries of a billionaire religion, wherein material acquisition has displaced ethical and spiritual development and devotion as the basic purpose for life. We seem to have lost our privacy to technology and our way as humans, in society after society.  

Futureproof  Your Existence Become A Stakeholder In Production

If ‘success’ in life is all about fierce competition and aggressive ambition, is not surprising that this exploitation is leading to the breakdown of families and to exacerbation of conflicts between social groups engaged in cut-throat competition for the remaining kibble and bits. Few realized that the odds of them becoming billionaires in their lifetime is 578,000 to 1 many are trying to speak wealth into existence while never checking the balance sheet.

The Humanaire privacy platform offers its subscribers a private feed of transparent news opinion, radical global market data, research and analysis future proofing human existence from automation thru investor privacy activism. The objective is to enhance what makes us human while capturing a stakeholders relationship to capital production in the digital age of automation. We serve diversity in the struggle to regain privacy of personal data wealth and human freedom from centralized monopolized surveillance without valid consent. 

Humanaire’s is where authentic intelligence meets artificial intelligence as an encrypted data wealth stakeholders. Monopolized payment data gaps catalyzes the formation of data monopolies which expands inequality and human capital debasement. An insider firm that obtain advantage gaps in information early can sets prices aggressively to expand its share of consumer data, imperil democracy and monopolizes data wealth. This private data capture has created a valuable tradeable commodity human privacy as data to be sold and captured

In a determined way, central banks have destroyed the pricing mechanism in the capital markets, which has led to serious risk distortions in financial markets. Later forcing 40 million pandemic investors into the artificial stock market at peak multiple’s reaching a trillion dollars in leverage. The confiscation of middle class wealth through misallocation has created a dynamic interplay against dollar reserve centralization and questions concerning stock market machine price manipulation. After the Fed Reserve monetary policy set up the largest pump and dump for billionaire insiders stock sales  and setting up the record asset shift to the billionaire rentier system. Today Amazon Jeff Bezo and Bill Gates are the largest owners of US rentier farmland, all hard assets returning a 6% yield on average. Central Banks has place the retail investor in a serious bind and now find themselves bound behind the curve by raising rates aggressively they now risk a prolonged recession. Humanaire’s are decentralized capital flow investors and support privacy wealth rights align with the free nature of capital flow in the current shifting world order.


Our guiding principle is to provide investors with the transparent research and information that we would use for our own behavioral economics and private strategies, while protecting data from advancing inequality. Our platform tracks global central bank monetary distribution insights, delivers encrypted advice for data wealth security, no tracking encrypted privacy technology, independent financial research on global capital flow patterns and margin risk data. Incorporating the human aspect of how the brain influences our investment decisions one can minimize speculative behavioral risks and increase the possibility of wealth creation, global portfolio sustainability and human well being. From an economic behavioral psychological approach, the only way to get better at any economic challenge is to play against a better opponent(self-ego).

The direction of economic growth is the single most important factor impacting asset class price performance. Which asset will perform best over the coming years? Stocks or bonds? Value or growth? Gold or commodities? Which market will perform best the US or China? the EU” or India?, Japan or Indonesia, Brazil or India? The answer lies in the macro  economic cycle.”

We deliver strategic objective news opinion, data content tools covering various privacy and investment issues. Such as  income(dividend) investing, growth investing, macro capital flow investing, intrinsic value investing, housing market data, inflationary global diversification strategies, hedge quant strategies, Fibanocci golden means pattern trading research, healthcare, portfolio management, cryptocurrencies, biotech, commodities, real estate, fintech, ETFs, SPACs, real estate REITs, GDP charts and insider trading news. We provide custom portfolio products, transparent financial market operational structures, analytical tools, software,data cloud algorithmic-stock-crypto trading insight and education for a macro shifting world order. Primarily to a diversity of subscribers across digital channels to resolve emotionally bias behavioral inequality and portfolio optimization. We serve diversity in the struggle to regain privacy of personal data wealth and human freedom from centralized monopolized surveillance without valid consent. Our repeatable and scalable platform has a proven track record of successfully launching  products for our subscribers. We believe our global multi-brand approach delivers far greater insight, breadth and depth, creating more diverse global investment opportunities for our subscribers.

We take a deep inner look into behavioral finance focusing on psychological biases of consuming, producing and investing in light of our growing consumer base inequality and central bank excesses. The US Fed and the middle class is in a serious bind. Raise rates aggressively and you risk a prolonged recession in a consumer debt based economy which billionaires will buy those discounted assets. Don’t raise rates and inflation becomes persistent and billionaires capture the middle classes remaining assets. But investors can still reach their investment goals by diversifying away from artificial systems and decentralizing into the “Humanaire  Equilibrium Macro Portfolio” or the ” Golden Means Portfolio” for global optimization into diverse assets classes.